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The bonus game on the second screen is fast becoming an essential element. Online Slots with such games are preferable because they add variety to gaming. Most of these bonus games involve selecting an object or a number of objects. This creates a difference, select objects are not exciting. Therefore, some online slots matching incorporate something more complex spil.En type bonus game involving slots matching symbols in a way very similar to scratch cards. A bonus game of this type is found in the Microgaming online slot game of online slots.

Each has a credit value that appears beneath it. The player clicks on one card to turn it face up. The player can click on the cards randomly or follow Best Slots Casino any sequence he chooses to do so. When the same suit appears the bonus game is over and the player wins the number of online slots matching displayed during king suit.

To make the game visually appealing image of a king outside the network gets animated when two similar cards are revealed in NetEnt another Microgaming online slot uses a different mechanism for the slots matching symbols and adds an interesting, but daring twist. Twelve of the squares hide items in medic clothes. There are three numbers each of the four items of clothing.  Each time three items of the same clothes are revealed the player is assigned a multiplier. At the same time, piece of clothing disappears from the medic’s displayed image. Nothing happens if the online slots are revealed.

The earned multipliers are totaled up and multiplied by the total bet of the spin to determine payout. Despite the risqué nature of the bonus game the limits of decency is not crossed and the modesty of medic preserved. Have used this slots matching symbols concept decide the payout for progressive online slots jackpots. All the games belong to this genre is a network of the same. This is a multi-level jackpot online slots which consists in increasing order .. The jackpot game is triggered randomly and guarantees a win on one of the four jackpots. Players keep on revealing squares one after another, and the jackpot level first to have three uncovered squares are hit.

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